Business Statistics For Contemporary Decision Making 7th Edition

Business Statistics For Contemporary Decision Making 7th Edition
Almost every business area relies on statistics-from information gathered about the marketplace and the competition to economic and financial data. But the numbers don't mean anything, unless you can make an informed decision based on the data that has been collected. That's why Ken Black's BUSINESS STATISTICS for Contemporary Decision Making equips you with the quantitative decision-making skills and analysis techniques you need to make smart decisions based on real-world data.
Here's how Black's practical, problem-solving approach prepares you for the real business world:
    * Decision Dilemmas at the beginning of each chapter give you the opportunity to apply the techniques presented in the chapter to real-world business scenarios.
    * Up-to-Date Coverage of Techniques includes Chi-square, scatter plots, regression analysis, time series forecasting,and the HTAB (Hypothesize, Test, Action, Business implications) system for testing hypotheses.
    * In Response sections at the end of chapters address the questions posed by the Decision Dilemmas using techniques and concepts from the chapter.
    * Using the Computer sections explain how to use MINITAB and Microsoft Excel to analyze data with the techniques from the chapter.
    * Business-Oriented Cases, including new and updated cases in this edition, illustrate and analyze real problems facing real companies.
    * A Resource-Filled CD (packaged with this text) features problem datasets in MINITAB and Microsoft Excel and real databases containing data gathered Stock Exchange.
    * Ethical Considerations sections help you understand ethical issues in statistics, such as violation of assumptions, misrepresentation of graphs, and over and under-stating results.


Product Details

Product Details
    * Hardcover: 880 pages
    * Publisher: Wiley; 7 edition (October 18, 2011)
    * Language: English


Business Statistics Black 7th Edition

Business Statistics Black 7th Edition
Product Description   Last exceptional black pedagogy of statistics business includes the use of further problems called "problems of proof" to provide additional insights and explanations for the problems of work, and presents the concepts, themes, and use of formulas in a way palatable an audience is great and minimizes the use of "fear" formulas.
   Each chapter begins with a vignette as a "decision dilemma" of real companies, data and business issues. The solutions to these problems are presented as a feature called "decision dilemma solved." In all cases this year and "choice dilemmas" are updated and revised, and 1 / 3 were substituted for the currency. There is also a significant number of additional problems and a highly competitive collection database (which contains the actual data) on the international stock markets, food, consumer, international labor, financial, energy, food, gasoline for 12 years, the production and hospital.